Frequently Asked Questions

Kids playhouses

What materials are the kids playhouses made of?

Our kids playhouses are made entirely of high-quality nordic spruce solid wood. For durability in any weather, the playhouses are topped with metal roofs.

Can the playhouse be in sun, rain, wind and snow?

Yes! Our playhouses are meant to be outdoor playhomes for your children, thus they are made to endure all elements. To make that happen, we have finished the houses with wood preservatives and weatherproof colors. For the best durability in different climates, we use metal roofing that will last through rain, hail, snow and sunshine. We are suggesting once a year reapply playhouse terrace.

* Natural Wonder comes untreated and should be stained or colored before placing outside. If you are not sure which treatment to choose, please consult your local hardware store or contact us.

Can i modify the color of the playhouse?

All our playhouses can be ordered in exactly the colour scheme you like. You can choose a colour scheme that's just right for you, or customise an existing model.

Can the windows of the playhouse be opened?

Yes, all our outdoor playhouses have opening safety-glass windows to let in fresh air and to complete the feel of a real playhome.

Do I need to prepare a foundation for the playhouse?

Every playhouse needs a foundation to ensure long life and stability. It is important that the foundation is level (ensuring the stability of the playhouse) and at least the size of the playhouse surface. The foundation does not need to have a concrete base. The playhouse needs a stable and level base. An existing foundation - patio, porch or other flat, hard surface - is suitable. Concrete slabs, poles, plastic adjustable supports or lightweight blocks are also excellent foundations.

What material is the roof of the playhouse made of?

The roofs of our playhouses are covered with a custom-made metal coating to make the roof suitable for all climates.

What age of children is the playhouse for?

Your playhouse is designed for ages 3 and up. The house has a loft inside which can be removed as the children grow to give more space and age-appropriate furnishing.

Playhouse assembly

How can i assemble my kids playhouse?

All of our painted playhouses come with quick-fit panels and assembly instructions. No prior knowledge is required for successful and quick assembly within 2 hours. We recommend that our children's playhouses are assembled by two people. Watch the assembly video here:

How long the assembly takes?

Thanks to our innovative panel system, full assembly of our wooden kids playhouses takes 2 hours! And that includes unpacking as well.

Kids furniture

What is included in furniture set?

Furniture set includes: two chairs, a bench and a table.

What color is furniture set?

The furniture set is painted to match the colour scheme of the house. Please note that Natural Wonder comes with natural furniture that you can paint exactly the way you or your child wants.

Can I change the color of the furniture?

We can paint the furniture in the colour of your choice. Please write to us at and we will contact you as soon as possible.

To who is children's furniture ment for?

As the name suggests, it's for children. Parents can fit there too, but it's still for kids :)


Delivery conditions

  • Prices in the shop are without delivery.
  • Before placing an order, please contact us and specify the delivery price. Delivery charges will be invoiced prior to delivery of the order.
  • After the sales contract has become effective, the Online Shop will complete the order and inform the Customer of the estimated delivery time by telephone or e-mail indicated on the order.
  • The online shop will deliver the goods only to the address indicated by the Customer when placing the order.
  • The online shop shall not be liable for delays in the delivery of goods and misunderstandings if they are caused by inaccuracies in the information provided by the Customer when placing the order. Or if the delay is due to circumstances which the Online Shop could not influence or foresee. 
  • The Customer must ensure that a person authorised and able to receive the delivery is present at the delivery address and is available by telephone.
  • The delivery time indicated on the product is an estimate and may vary in reality. For further information please contact


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