Custom Outdoor Playhouses

How to Design a Custom Playhouse?

Are you looking for a custom playhouse for your kids? Our small team at Kidsplayhouses specializes in high quality, durable, safe and beautiful wooden playhouses that are easy to assemble. All of our outdoor Playhouses are handcrafted with hand selected materials and painted with only water-based durable and sustainable colors.

Whether you already know what your kids dream playhouse is or if you are still designing it together, we have made the process easy with a few steps. Choose your:

1. Size & shape of your wooden playhouse

2. Your custom playhouse color

3. Your custom playhouse structures:

3.1 Playhouse roof

3.2 Playhouse terrace

3.3 Playhouse doors

3.4 Playhouse windows

Following these easy steps will make sure that you have not forgotten anything for your custom playhouse and that your kids are able to describe their dream playhouse. And of course, feel free to add any extra elements - we will bring your dream playhouse into a real custom playhouse in your backyard!


  • 1.1 Custom Playhouse Size?

  • 1.2 Custom Playhouse Shape?

  • 1.3 Elevated Custom Playhouse?

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Every backyard is different - some backyards are large, some small, some have a lot of trees, some a pool. In custom playhouse design, we think it best to first visit your garden, take in all the features of your yard and see if that will give you an idea how large your custom playhouse can be. If your kids want a large custom playhouse, but your backyard is small, then a special shape might help you out. For example, our DIY playhouse kit Little Clubhouse has two floors and a tilted roof - giving extra space in the wooden playhouse without making the playhouse look bulky from the outside.

The size and shape of your custom playhouse can also be designed to bring your kids dream playhouse closer to reality. For example, stilts can be added to a custom playhouse to make it look like a castle, princess tower or a fishing hut. Playhouse on stilts is also a good option when you do not want to loose grass area in your garden or if your kids wish to have an outside slide attached to their custom playhouse.


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Color is often the first thing that you are sure about your dream playhouse, but maybe you have not yet made up your mind? Or perhaps after looking and thinking about the size, shape and location of your new custom playhouse, you are starting to consider a different color?

Unless your custom playhouse has a very distinc shape, the color of your outdoor playhouse will be the most noticeable feature of your wooden playhouse. Do you want your custom playhouse to pop out? Do you want your custom playhouse to fit with your house or shed? Is your kid dreaming of a specific color or knows exactly which dream their new outdoor playhouse is to fill? All these questions can help you narrow down on the selection of your new custom playhouse color.

The most important part of choosing a color for your custom playhouse: trust your gut and don't worry - you can always repaint!

Are you looking for a different shade?

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Bright and distinct colors are not for everyone. Sometimes a subtle color or a small different in the shade of your chose color can make the world of difference for your new custom playhouse.

Although we recommend to choose the main outdoor playhouse color first and then continue with details, you can also think of the main color and details of your custom playhouse at the same time. Here you find examples of our custom playhouses that have a light color which bring the custom playhouse to life with white/black/pink trims of the playhouse.

One advantage of a subtle color for your custom playhouse is that your kids are more likely to continue using their wooden playhouse without any changes also when they have gotten older. Another advantage is that it is easier to decorate the custom playhouse for different occasions.


  • 3.1 Playhouse Roof

  • 3.2 Playhouse Terrace

  • 3.3 Playhouse Doors

  • 3.4 Playhouse Windows

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  • Custom Playhouse Roof Material

    Most of our outdoor playhouses have a metal roof because of its durability, reliability and aesthetic look. But that does not mean that your new custom playhouse has to come with a metal roof. Your custom playhouse can be custom made with a roof material of your choiceShingles are the second most popular choice for outdoor playhouse roof material due to their look and durability.

    A good rule is: if you can use it as roof material for your house, you can choose it for a roof material for your custom playhouse.

  • Custom Playhouse Roof Shape

    The roof of your custom playhouse has to comply with the laws of physics, otherwise all shapes and sizes are welcome! And do not worry, we will make sure that the laws of physics are respected and your outdoor playhouse roof will keep its form for years to come.

    Do you want a gambrel roof, an overaching roof, a classical roof, mini roofs for each of your custom playhouse windows or a butterfly roof for your custom playhouse? Let us know and we will figure out how to bring it to life.

  • Custom Playhouse Roof Color

    The color of your custom playhouse roof depends on the material that you have chosen for the playhouse roof. Not all materials can be painted, but often they look beautiful in their natural color. If you have chosen for a metal roof, then the whole spectrum of colors and shades is available for your custom playhouse.

    Many of our outdoor playhouses come with a white roof to minimize the warming effect of the summer sun. Some of our clients have chosen the playhouse roof color to be the same as their house color.


  • Custom Playhouse Terrace Material

    Most of our wooden playhouses come with a beautiful solid wood terrace, which is guaranteed to withstand years of running and jumping feet. This wooden rerrace is made out of high quality premium wood which has been handpicked from our long-term partners shops.

    Not only makes it your custom playhouse beautiful, but we make sure that the wood comes only from sustainable forest managers.

  • Custom Playhouse Terrace Style

    You can choose for a classical terrace in front of your custom playhouse. Or you can choose a terrace with railings for your custom playhouse.

    Kids outdoor playhouse terrace railings can be with different shape and patterns, can hold flower boxes or support your previously chosen custom playhouse roof. Railings are also perfect for placing holiday or any other decorations on your kids playhouse!

  • Custom Playhouse Terrace Details

    All our custom playhouse clients have asked for white railings so far, but don't forget: you can also choose your custom playhouse railing color! Or colors or different decorations? Who says that a railing must be in one color or in one shape? Not us!

    Let your own and your kids imagination flow and see what it brings. We will be here to make your dream custom playhouse come true.


Custom playhouse door materials, you ask? We at Kidsplayhouses are big fans of wooden doors - they are durable, sustainable and beautiful on any wooden playhouse. Our collection of outdoor playhouses comes in different wooden playhouse door patterns (e.g. horizontal, fishbone, vertical).

Or do you prefer a metal door or a glass door? That can also be done! We like to make glass doors in a wooden frame that matches the windows of the kids playhouse, thus creating a true feeling of a real house.

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Let your kids imagination flow - do they want a Dutch door, door with a window, decorated door or will a completely new shape and color bring their dream playhouse to life? Your kids playhouse door does not just have to be functional, but can serve as the holder of a steering wheel which the captain to steer the ship. Or it can create the first feel of a magical forest hut with butterfly and flower engarvings.

We will make sure that your design comes to life in a durable and safe version - looking good and allowing your kids to run in and out of their wooden playhouse as much as they like!

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Ask your kids which custom playhouse windows they are wishing for or have a look at our outdoor playhouses collection and the photos below for inspiration. Think both of functionality and style - a shop window can be an awesome addition for a shop or a bakery, a flower pattern window the perfect addition to a princess castle. Or are you making a fort or some bars should be added to your dungeon windows? Let us know and we will bring it to life!

All Kidsplayhouses windows are handcrafted from high quality wood and safety glass and if wanted, can be opened and closed.

PS! Do not forget to let us know if you want flower boxes or any other addition that we have not yet thought of!

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